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Guiding Principles for the Golden Decade

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24th Jan 2020

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As the Hub Culture community continues to grow and evolve, the opportunity to articulate core values helps to set a broad direction for development.

At the Hub Culture Davos 2020 Campus, eight guiding principles provide a touchstone for these values.

Together, these principles form the next step in the development of a shared governance model driven by Propel, a liquid democracy tool that enables hubs to deploy governance in granulated ways.



In our thoughts, words, and actions we cultivate a sense of respect. We respect one another on this team, we respect our clients partners and guests, and we respect every individual we encounter, including our competitors. The better we hold up this value among ourselves, the better it will reflect outside.


We seek to establish and grow the first virtual nation. Let us build a membership that kindly embraces inclusion and reflects diversity. We will honor this value as we proactively work to include people of different backgrounds and viewpoints as we build the technical frameworks for a better future.


Honesty is in our nature, and it vibrates at a frequency others can feel intuitively. It reflects our beliefs. Internally and externally, our effort will be characterized by fidelity to the truth.


We are all working in service of a bigger mission, knowing our efforts matter well beyond the task at hand. No matter how small or unconnected the work itself may seem, we know it is in service of progress, and that there is no such thing as a small or unimportant task. In this spirit, we assist others where possible.


We will seek to leave a positive impact on the places and people we encounter. This means actively working to leave no trace for climate or environmental impact, and to leave a net negative carbon impact in all our activities. But this is not enough - we also seek to improve the energy and outcomes of the people and places we encounter, leaving them in a better state than which we arrived, even by just a smile.


Our conduct is noticed and evaluated by others. Everyone on this team has a responsibility to live up to our values, and every participant, from a first-time team member to top communinity members must model this. When there is a mistake, we take ownership, learn, adjust, and move on. Missteps are inevitable, but they should never be repeated. We own our choices and our work.


A project like ours will require enormous discipline. Through positive energy and determination, we will handle our resources with the stewardship they deserve, mindful that Hub Culture is enabled by the gift of other people’s time, money, relationships, and reputations.


Hub Culture operates in environments where the best, most capable people in the world interact with us regularly. But the standard we should hold ourselves to in every part of our work is not whether it is at the level of this environment, but whether it is at the level we would expect of the best anywhere, at any time. 

The Hub Culture Guiding Principles are a living, evolving set of core values that will change and adapt over time, driven by input and feedback from the community.