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AQUA Health Quarantines, Chronicles and the Innovation Campus Kaua'i

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27th Jul 2020

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CoCreating the Future Society Now...

Back in the before-fore, when change seemed urgent yet distant, Hub Culture's 2020 Davos hosted conversations to imagine the changes in society needed for a prosperous and sustainable future. Six months later the urgency is no longer distant, and we have been convening some of those conversations for the Chronicles, our podcast series focused on the big issues in technology.

Join us this week on Soundcloud or iTunes as Jenn Sander from Burning Man Organization, visionary investor Bill Tai, and data ownership advocate Brittany Kaiser riff with Hub Culture about why the changes we need to implement are no longer a future construct, but an imperative now.


Hub Culture recently revealed AQUA, (Active Quarantine User Ally), a new health and travel service built on HubID for international travellers. Now available worldwide, AQUA enables members to control aspects of their health data themselves, with the ability to manage digital health verifications, symptom tracking, contact bubbles and aspects of active quarantine and geo-fencing if they test positive for COVID-19 while traveling.

AQUA is free for Hub Culture members who access theAQUA.world using their verified HubID.  Once connected with your doctor or healthcare practitioner you can request a test verification or upload a test result for confirmation by your doctor. It features an electronic bracelet wearable to act as an ally for quarantine, coupled wiith an app for managing all aspects of the service.

For more information, to order a wearable or to find out about using the service for electronic quarantine management in your area, visit AQUASee how AQUA is being used in Bermuda.

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Vail Montessori Style Classes

Vail Education is the place for a weekly '2-hour class of variety' for children between the ages of 6-12 within Emerald City. Led by Sara Mcauley, the sessions will be hosted every Wednesday at 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm UK. Please RSVP to Sara to attend. More information can be found here

In September we plan to expand with a Montessori partnership for families with children who won't be able to return to school in the physical realm, offering a radically new type of education tool in the virtual world.

Hub Culture Innovation Campus Kaua'i

Aloha! The 4th edition of the Hub Culture Innovation Campus arrives in Kaua'i, Hawaii 10-30 August 2020. Previously appearing during the summer in Bermuda, France, and Capri, this year's Campus is focused on the Resilient Reformation and will discover how Kaua'i is creating fertile examples for reinvention. 

With 14-day quarantines still in place for Hawaii, the focus this year is very local, but guests should plan to arrive by early August to later join socially distanced live programming. This includes outdoor activities like camping, surfing, hiking, horticulture and workshop discussions against the backdrop of panel sessions taking place online. Engage on HubLive.tv, podcast and Instagram to join, with live video panels and more happening inside Emerald City. To learn more, visit the Kauai Hub online.