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Learn About the Origins of AQUA...

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29th Oct 2020

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Want to learn more about AQUA? We've created a feature demo to help you learn about the origins of AQUA and how it works today to help enable safer travel worldwide.

Hub Culture created AQUA, (Active Quarantine User Ally), as a health and travel service to help us navigate the new world. Built on HubID digital identity for international travellers, AQUA is also relevant for education, working groups, and places wishing to restart business activity while reducing health risks from the COVID-19 pandemic.

AQUA enables members to control health data themselves, managing digital health verifications, symptom tracking, contact bubbles, and international quarantine and geo-fencing capability on a worldwide basis.

Resort Bubbles enable hotels and resorts to become locally managed enhanced movement quarantine locations, helping them re-open faster for international travellers. Universities can use AQUA to bring back students and manage quarantine pods on campus. Content production studios and construction teams can use AQUA to help manage work-groups on the move.

Bermuda and Hawaii are now using AQUA to help safely reopen their islands, and we have recently introduced Testing Services and Incentives - starting with the capability for doctors/patients to issue COVID-19 verification certificates to members. With new testing and lab partnerships in place, access to antigen and PCR testing is also available for partners using AQUA.








If you'd like any further information on AQUA please email us: [email protected]