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Hub Culture Preparing AQUA Vaccine Verification System for post-COVID-19 Travelers

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2nd Dec 2020

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Hub Culture is expanding the AQUA travel and health service to include vaccine verifications for members as part of a wider HubID Health initative. Vaccine verifications allow members to submit a vaccine report to their healthcare practitioner and earn a verified certificate, which can then be exported to Apple or Google wallets, a blockchain, or stored within their HubID vault.

With vaccines coming to selected audiences in December 2020, the ability for vaccine recipients to securely store their vaccine data and to allow read-only access to third parties has become an urgent priority for governments, companies and international travelers. AQUA provides a secure identity core that enables vaccine providers and healthcare practitioners the ability to confidently issue vaccine verifications tied to individual users, who can then manage the verification certificate according to their needs.

Similar to already existing quarantine graduation certificates and COVID-19 testing certificates, the Vaccine Verification programme includes information about the vaccine owned by the member, who requests verification from an approved healthcare practitioner.

Vaccine candidates from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Covaxx are included in the initial verification plan, once FDA or international administrative approvals are confirmed. The system is intended to be live for use as part of AQUA, the Active Quarantine User Ally app and cloud system currently in use for travel and health verifications in Bermuda, Hawaii, and other locations, by 10 December 2020. To participate, Hub Culture members and prospective members, healthcare practitioners and travel authorities can access the web service at https://theaqua.world.