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The Crisis of the Global Goals Part II: Actions we need now!

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15th Dec 2020

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The second part of the Global GoalsCast 'The Crisis of the Global Goals' episode is out now! Here's what it's about...

Putting the world back on track after the pandemic will require a level of cooperation and partnership unlike anything we have seen. That is the conclusion of experts convened by Global GoalsCast to assess the crisis of the Sustainable Development Goals and the road forward.  

The world before the pandemic proved dangerously vulnerable because of the very challenges the SDGs are designed to address. “And really this is our opportunity right now to focus on who is being left behind, who is not getting the access and be able to find those supercharged solutions,” said Annemarie Hou, head of partnerships at the United Nations. “The SDGs are our way out of this, if we work together,” added Rajesh Mirchandani of the UN Foundation.

Recorded live at the end of Global Goals week, this is part two of our special on the setbacks and solutions if the world is to build back better. Also featured in this episode are Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever; David Nabarro of the World Health Organization; Gillian Tett of the Financial Times and Kate Garvey of Project Everyone, who noted her organization's proposal to rebrand the SDGs as the Sustainable Development Solutions.

Rose Beaumont, from GGC sponsor, Mastercard, shares lessons from countries that have reached the top of Mastercard’s index on Women Entrepreneurs.

LISTEN HERE: http://globalgoalscast.org/S4E8/ 


The Global GoalsCast are looking for Sponsors for Season 5!

They have a limited number of prime sponsorship spots available for Season 5. Help support our mission while delivering your message, too. 

Interested? Please contact Edie or Stuart Zuckerman 

Here’s what the Global GoalsCast is up to in 2021.....

GLOBAL GOALSCAST  Season 5 - Building Back a Better World 

January - Episode 1

Equity: What should the rich world do?  

The impact of the pandemic has been wildly unequal, both within countries and between them.  For those of us blessed with internet access and jobs that move data and improve information we work from home, social distance and shield ourselves from the worst of the damage. But those without these advantages face dire economic challenges. We look at ways the well-off can help the rest of the world -- both macro (debt relief, free vaccines) and micro (individual computer access and job and financial training).



Virtual Salon 1 - Episode 2 

Recovery from Covid & Entrepreneurship 

This Salon is a virtual convening of corporate leaders, NGO heads, UN and government officials to dig into the rich world's role in rebuilding from the pandemic and what we can learn from the Global South. Session will be taped live and then released as a podcast episode. 


February - Episode 3

Inclusion: Vaccine for everyone

It is an extraordinary scientific achievement, on a par with harnessing the atom or walking on the moon. Almost precisely a year after the Novel Coronavirus was identified, the first vaccines are being rolled out. But who will get them? If the new, post pandemic world is to be a fairer place than the old world, the changes will have to start here. The UN and its allied NGO’s have created COVAX, a structure to distribute vaccine to all corners of the globe. Researchers say that fair distribution will actually curb the virus faster, a classic of doing well by doing good. Will that be enough? Or will selfishness and competition undermine these efforts? 


March - Episode 4   

Digitalization: the new inclusion

The other side of the tracks has a new image. You aren't included in the 21st century without access to the digital world. From coins to virtual cash. From classrooms to online learning. From punching the work clock to work from home. The world is changing fast and the risk of leaving millions, if not billions behind is growing. Digital inequality was a challenge before Covid-19. Now it is a crisis that threatens recovery. What are the best efforts to close the gap? 


March - Episode 5

Green stimulus  

Bike lanes are the new autobahns. The first piece of the vast infrastructure spending that will be needed to turn the world away from Carbon. The transition will require much more. New Electric grids to power the shift to electric powered vehicles and low emission heating and cooling of buildings. We look at the progress and ask how well are we doing as COP 26 draws near?.


April - Virtual Salon 2 (episode 6) 

EARTH DAY Climate change & the transition economy 

Our health and economic crisis has NOT slowed the warming of the atmosphere. Can we seize the reboot of the global economy after covid to drive the green economy we need to reverse climate change? 


May - Episode 7

COVID 19: Are we there with the vaccine yet?

In the rich world experts have been saying there could be “herd immunity” by spring. Is it happening?  And how about the rest of the world? Has Covax worked?  We review the critical first few months of distributing the vaccine to see if the pandemic is coming under control.


May - Virtual Salon 3 (Episode 8) timed during WEF’s meeting  

Gender impact of the year we’d rather forget.  Domestic Violence, disparate job loss, unfair work balance. We discuss how women and girls have been disproportionately affected. What are the lessons? How do we heal this? A panel of experts with direct experience discuss the challenge.  

INTRODUCING: Global GoalsCast Virtual Salon  

In this era of Covid-19 we can’t be together but we can still speak together.

In this live, virtual event Edie/Claudia talk with key figures on topics including sustainability, equity and what those of us in the developed world need to change to assure the whole world achieves the SDGs. 

These conversations will be conducted in front of a select virtual audience, which itself will include leaders from govts, business, NGOs and the UN. People will want to be invited to this, as we found with our wrap up discussion of the UN Global Goals Week.

GGC will want to include in the invited audience your executives and partners. 

Part of the excitement will be hearing the invited guests step up with questions and insights in response to the main speakers.

This is not a one-way lecture or a panel discussion. It is a conversation. 

After, GGC will edit the live conversation into a podcast episode much like episode 8 of the current GGC season, which was based on the Global Goals week event.