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My Reiki Breaki Heart

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11th Mar 2021

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Mana: Hawaiian principle of spiritual energy. Akin to the Indian concept of prana. Or the Chinese Chi. And very much like the Japanese concept of Ki. It’s all about that electric energy that flows through the human body. Master Usui revived or contemporarily updated the reiki practice through revelations of symbols that differentiate reiki from other healing modalities. Master Usui's contribution to the world at large was to recognize that attunements accompany symbols, the patient is receiving a reiki tuning that correlates with a reiki symbol.

The journey of this timeless energetic practice to the island of Kaua'i may have saved the knowledge from being lost forever. Around the time of the World War, a woman by the name of Ms. Hawayo Takata was working on a plantation on the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i. At this time it was common for immigrants from Japan, the Philippines, Bali or other Pacific Island nations to work within the pineapple plantation farms. Kaua'i didn’t have hospitals per se, but there were clinics where people sought healing from their physical ailments. Ms. Takata was unable to find a remedy for her stomach cancer, so she travelled back to Japan in order to find help. Along the way, she meets Master Usui and receives reiki attunements. They are so profoundly supportive for her recovery that she brings the practice back to the island of Kaua'i; making Kauai' the first place in the United States where Reiki is practiced in wellness clinics. 

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There is something special about the island of Kaua'i. This amazing place has fresh air, clean water and nature that can assist in feeling energetic shifts that support a person’s journey to their inner self. The Dalai Lama visited the island of Kaua'i in an unadvertised journey, and visiting sacred sites in Anahola and Polihale beaches respectively. Yet reiki is a journey that begins with YOU rather than location. Reiki can start with the practitioner looking for guidance from a Reiki Master online or in their hometown. Reiki 1 is about getting attuned with the symbols or reiki, but more importantly the beginning of a journey that emphasizes self love and care. 

In this Chronicles episode, Jeanne Russell talks with Stan Stalnaker about how she suggests newbies to "run energy" on their heart chakra. The human hands have a tremendous amount of energetic potential. Russell’s suggestion is to start with placing your hands on your heart or stomach and allowing the breath to guide the energy in your hands towards the area in question. 2020 had a lot of energetic shifts around the world, with isolation and lack of touch among many ripple effects felt in the wake of the global pandemic. Russell presents herself as an eternal optimist and reminds the listener that there is no task given that is too much for the person, to be strong and keep the path. There is obviously a very tired, broken and sad aspect to the world that had 2020 prey on its physical body, relationships of all types and financial issues; however, we can rejoice in knowing that the world awaiting us on the other side of that ordeal can be filled with lots of love and beauty.

What if Reiki is just a psychosomatic placebo charade? Science is rapidly approaching agreement with the ancient understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. For example when a person holds within themselves a lack of Self Worth that leads to an upset stomach (because the gut is the place of power where a person's image of standing in their strength resides) and that over time yields a physical ailment; it’s imperative to view the domino effect as a connected process. The medical field today acknowledges that holistic health is an appropriate treatment path for the sick. Russell reminds the listener that reiki is on the same journey towards finding root causes. Reiki wants to delve deeper into the emotional trauma everyone carries in order to allow issues to surface for healing. 

This podcast asks the listener to take the journey of self-love and deep dive into dolphin zones in order to live your best life. Catch up with Stan Stalnaker & Jeanne Russell and join the discussion with Hub Culture's Chronicles Discussion podcast, Episode 28: Everyone Can Heal- An Introduction to Reiki on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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