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Pure Intentions

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31st Mar 2021

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Anyone who has visited Bali knows that this little island holds something special far beyond the smiling locals, the beautiful culture, and the spectacular nature. Bali is Indonesia’s spiritual center. The population is nearly 90 percent Hindu and religion is deeply rooted at the heart of daily life. Bali is one of the world’s most vivid centers for spirituality and self-discovery, and in turn, it tends to draw certain people interested in healing, yoga, meditation, consciousness, and transformation.

Ryan Fix, Founder of PURE found himself in Bali in 2018 to write a book, and immediately felt an intense connection with the island. He ended up staying and focusing the book on human connection and named it 'Born to Connect'. Written in a memoir style, Born to Connect offers a template for designing vibrant lifestyles and nurturing communities that foster more connection and meaning in our lives. 

Ryan has been researching and building communities since 2004 and founded PURE in Brooklyn in 2012 which was a precursor for the coliving movement. Now, PURE incubates community-based organizations all over the world with human connection as it's core value. Anchored in embodiment practices, authentic relating, surrendered leadership, community facilitation, and culture-building techniques, their proprietary training programs are designed to foster a culture of connection; within ourselves, our relationships, and all that we create.

You can listen to the fascinating conversation between Stan Stalnaker and Ryan Fix in our latest Chronicles episode on iTunesSoundcloud & Anchor

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