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How Discord is Changing The Game

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6th Apr 2021

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While online communication is not a new phenomenon, it has recently become an essential part of daily life in our increasingly digitalized society. As we change our habits and behaviors on a global level, new innovations are constantly coming onto the market to meet our growing demands. Many online platforms have been designed to help facilitate communication between people around the world, but few of them seem to make voice and text chatting as easy and as high quality as Discord. 

Discord is an application that is taking online communication and interaction to another level. While it may not be advanced in video calling, it has become increasingly popular due to its accessibility and convenience. The concepts of accessibility, convenience, and general user-friendliness have all been proven to be key for businesses to be successful under a modern capitalist structure. The introduction of convenience stores, online retailers such as Amazon, drive-throughs, and various other innovations that seek to cut costs/time while simultaneously delivering convenience, has shaped the society we live in today. It seems Discord could potentially have a similar impact.

Discord's ability to bring accessibility and convenience to online communication is no doubt one of its key attractions, but its focus on fostering communities and social dynamics will elevate its importance tremendously. As the number of Discord users grows and contributes to new and existing communities, the reach and influence of Discord servers will grow with it. The future of the platform seems to be moving beyond just gaming communities and is attracting users and companies from all sectors. Soon our various social bubbles like book clubs, fitness groups, baking enthusiasts, and much more could all be facilitated on Discord. 

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So what makes Discord so accessible and attractive? Well, imagine digitally walking into a room. This particular platform enables users to do this with incredible ease, with no need to dial or set up a call, you just simply login and you are automatically on a server with friends and the various communities you have joined. This ease of access is what makes Discord stand out, in addition to its high-quality voice chat option and highly customizable settings to manage communities in their preferred ways. These settings also minimise the risk of trolling or unwanted attention as channel moderators can set strict rules for participating in a community.  

It will be interesting to see how other similar platforms adapt or are absorbed into Discord in the future. A platform’s adaptability is important for future success, and based on Discord’s history of growing from video game developer to an exclusive online communication platform, shows they're a platform here to stay. 

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