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Digital Derby

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14th Apr 2021

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Nay nay, no way- horse racing has left the grandstands for the laptop. For anyone with a horse allergy, you’re in luck! Zed.run is a fascinating new site that takes the cumbersome ownership of horse racing to a new digital format. Players can purchase from the 38,000 Genesis racehorses that will ever be made from sites like Open Sea. Owners are encouraged to look out for two main criteria when selecting their horses: genotype and bloodline. The rarer a horse's bloodline and the closer the racehorse is to its ancestors, the higher desirability it will have for breeding and potential for racetrack performance. Live races are a big draw for the Zed.run team. Right now over 3200 users are on the site, racing, betting, and cheering on digital horses!

A horse's performance statistics on the race track also support its prominence and value. The race starts, wins, buy-in races and the parent's bloodline are all metrics for determining a horse's value. The more favorable the racehorse, the more economic value, and demand the horse will have in the market. Horses are kept, you guessed it, in the stable! Players can dust off those hooves and get galloping into a live online race, complete with gambling.

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Zed claims “All race outcomes are determined by a dynamic algorithm to ensure races are exciting, fair, and of course, unpredictable”. Races are 24/7 and include the ability to buy into a race for some prize money. Just get your horse “ready” and sign up to race on the blockchain!

Let’s talk pedigree. There are four ZED horse bloodlines: Nakamoto, Szabo, Finny, and Buterin. There are 28 possible breeding combinations with 4 types of bloodline outcomes. When two digital thoroughbreds mate, offsprings will inherit their parent's bloodline. To call one of the horses ‘rare’ means that there were only 2,000 (5.26%) of the Nakamoto horses created by Zed.run out of the total 38,000. Thoroughbreds are currently all sold out, but more will be produced in the coming months. A site like Open Sea is another place to find a secondhand horse.

The use case for digital currencies varies widely. As the marketplace evolves to have new products, many people will find sites like Zed.Run is another important reason for having a digital currency. As long as people are using cryptocurrency to facilitate online transactions, then it grows in its relevance and entrenches itself deeper into the world. Whether or not you're interested in owning a digital thoroughbred, cryptocurrency is off to the races with products out there like Zed.run.