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Hub Culture Presents 50 Leaders in Space

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20th May 2021

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Welcome to Hub Culture's THIRD listing of 50 people leading the space conversation across science, business, government, and academia. 

These individuals from around the world are at the forefront of global private space initiatives and hold a bedrock of knowledge relative to humanity's efforts to expand activity off planet Earth.

Many of the people in this conversation can be reached via their Twitter handle, included here for an easy follow, and handy for those planning events related to space solutions. 

50 Leaders in the Space Space

Elon Musk, @elonmusk
Founder, SpaceX
Sara Seager, @ProfSaraSeager
Astronomer and Planetary Scientist
K.Radhakrishnan, @radhakr272
Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation
Carolyn Porco, @carolynporco
Saturn Imager
Jill Tarter, @jilltarter
SETI Scientist
Neil deGrasse Tyson, @neiltyson
Director, Hayden Planetarium
Liu Yang
Chinese Astronaut
Steve Squyres
Lead scientist of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission
Jeff Bezos, @JeffBezos
Founder & CEO, Amazon / Blue Origin
Louis Allamandola
Space Chemist
David Spergel, @DavidSpergel
Richard Branson, @richardbranson
Founder, Virgin Group
Pavlo Tanasyuk, @pavlotanasyuk
Founder & CEO, Spacebit
Tim Dodd, @Erdayastronaut
Science Communicator
General John W. Raymond, @SpaceForceCSO
Chief of Space Operations, U.S. Space Force
Victor Glover, @AstroVicGlover
American Astronaut
Eric Anderson, @ec_anderson
Co-founder & Chairman, Space Adventures
Katie Mack, @AstroKatie
Brian O-Toole 
President, Spaceflight Industries & CEO of BlackSky
Jan Woerner, @janwoerner
Director-General, ESA
Curt Blake
CEO, Spaceflight
Mike Brown, @plutokiller
Planetary Astronomer
Bob Behnken, @AstroBehnken
American Astronaut
Payam Banazadeh, @payamban
Founder & CEO, Capella Space
Phil Plait, @BadAstronomer
American Astronomer
Lawrence Krauss, @LKrauss1
Brian Greene, @bgreene
Theoretical Physicist
George Whitesides, @gtwhitesides
CEO, Virgin Galactic
Bobak Ferdowsi,@tweetsoutloud
Systems Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Peter Beck, @Peter_J_Beck
Founder of Rocket Lab
Antonio Paris, @AntonioParis
Chief Scientist at the Center for Planetary Science
Kris Kimmel
Co-founder & Chairman, Space Tango
Professor Brian Cox, @ProfBrianCox
Professor Chris Welch, @ProfChrisWelch
Professor, Space Engineering at the International Space University at Strasbourg
Sunita Williams, @Astro_Suni
American Astronaut
Tory Bruno, @torybruno
CEO of United Launch Alliance
Emily Lakdawalla, @elakdawalla
Planetary Geologist
Phil Metzger, @DrPhiltill
Planetary Physicist  
Helen Sharman, @HelenSharmanUK
Chemist & Astronaut, Imperial College London
Dr Iya Whiteley, @iyawhiteley
Space Psychologist
Peter Diamandis, @PeterDiamandis
Founder of Planetary Resources
Abigail Harrison, @AstronautAbby
Science Communicator
Mark Thompson, @Astronomer_Mark
Mikhail Kokorich, @Mkokorich
CEO & Founder, Momentus
Natalya Bailey, @natalya926
Co-founder & CEO, Accion Systems
Peter Kant
CEO, Accion Systems
Ellen Stofan, @EllenStofan
Planetary Geologist, Former Chief Scientist at NASA
Brian Schmidt,@cosmicpinot
Nidhal Guessoum, @NidhalGuessoum
Jessie Anderson, @whoisheartbreak
Engineer at SpaceX