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In Search of Climate Solutions with Julia Jackson, Founder of Grounded

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5th Oct 2022

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With COP27 only a month away, we're looking back at our conversations with some of the worlds leading climate organisations. For one of our Hub Culture The Chronicle Discussions sessions, we had the pleasure of speaking with Julia Jackson, Founder of Grounded. 

Grounded is an amazing organization doing the work to pull people together to amplify and discover solutions for climate change. They invest in high-impact partners to co-create urgent campaigns intended to scale up clean energy, speed up initiatives based on nature to sequester carbon already present in the atmosphere, and utilise cutting-edge legal tactics to safeguard biodiversity in the U.S. and abroad. 

In this episode Stan Stalnaker, CEO & Founder of Hub Culture learns how and why Julia Jackson decided to launch Grounded.  We learn the full rationale for the founding of her organisation, which was inspired by her personal encounter with climate change in 2017.  Julia stresses the urgency to stop harming the environment and conserve biodiversity, as carbon sinks are vital to regulating global temperatures. She puts emphasis on the necessity of maintaining natural ecosystems, as well as highlighting information about our current global crisis, drawing our attention to how humans have negatively impacted Earth.  On the other hand, we learn that the indigenous communities in the affected areas strongly advocate climate change and encourage us to work together to safeguard the environment. The discussion continues to offer insight into how indigenous people benefit from the environment while still coexisting with it. Julia advocates that all climate organisations should collaborate rather than operate separately, as we all work towards a shared goal. 

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In this episode, we also take a further look into regenerative agriculture and how mushrooms can help with carbon sequestration, the fashion industry and the impact on how you spend your money, as well as the vicious cycle of fast fashion consumption. Evidently, the end goal is to find a way to transition to a renewable energy society and incentivize big companies (which produce the majority of today's greenhouse gases) to divest and invest in a renewable future. Stan and Julia discuss new technologies such as solar power and battery technology, comparing the benefits and downsides to determine how efficient it is to work with these components to build a better future. 

Listen now on your platform of choice or click here for the full episode.

"It's time now to show compassion to each other and our planet. We can come together as a global community and be stronger and more resilient and know how to deal with the climate crisis which is coming at us" - Julia Jackson

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Find out more about Julia's work at Grounded.org