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The Total Stealth Ski

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5th Jan 2009

Article Image
wallypowder, great for offpiste
When it comes to the annual trek(s) to the white winter mountains of Europe, North America and Japan, the troublesome thought of lugging your gear with you is what keeps resorts in business. Group after group of arrivals rent skis and boots, pumping revenue into local ski resorts and saving you the hassle of dealing with anything heavy on the way in or out of town.

But if you ski enough, the cost savings of a one-time purchase in the ski and boot department can really add up. If you ski regularly there is no question that owning your own makes all the difference, but even if you're hopping over from a major hub once or twice a year, the economics are quickly justifiable. Not to mention fit, comfort and performance. The boots are easy, Salomon. The question then becomes, which skis? Most come in garish colors, are confusing, or scream poser - as in Dior.

But for those who know, there is Wally. From its carbon fiber roots in the yachting business this is the maker of the lightest, sexiest skis around. Wally skis have slowly become a more common sight in the world's chic resorts, especially in Europe, but their lack of branding and neutral color tones signify a code known mostly to other owners, maybe not even your instructor.

Whether Aspen, St. Moritz or Cortina, only certain spots seem to feature regular instances of these monochromatic inky black skis racing down hills. They are the in-the-know stealth ski - and often evoke jealousy from others just by their appearance.

But Wallys are not just about appearance - performance matters - and their light construction, cutting edge design and variety of styles allow even the best instructors and ski-racers to have some fun on the slopes while setting the fashion pace at those busy restaurant chalets. Aficionados swear they are strictly not fashion - but that's so fashion.

Article Image
magic - great for moguls and tight, narrow piste
A performance secret is the use of custom carbon fiber production to create some of the lightest, most durable chopsticks on the market. Though not necessarily for beginners, we've found that an intermediate skier can do just fine, minus a few technical blurs finding your feet.

If you're looking for off-piste, the Wallypowder is the widest carbon fiber ski on the market - light enough and wide enough to keep you floating on clouds all the way home. Like speed? Then the Freewally may have you catching your breath on your next freerides down the piste. And for the rest of us, the Traditional and Original models keep it challenging without killing you.

Wallys are available for order online or from selected dealers in Aspen, Breckenridge, Chamonix, Cortina, Courmayeur, Kitzbuehel, Tirol, St. Anton, St. Moritz, Val d'Isere and Verbier.

See? All the best places. There really is no other choice.