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Sustaining Copenhagen

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30th Oct 2009

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As the world adjusts to the realities of the post-crash era, a growing group of people see green initiatives as a new engine for economic growth.

Green jobs, sustainable programs, infrastructure redevelopment - they all play into an attempt to improve efficiency while expanding the economy. It’s a good idea, and like any good idea - everyone is jumping on the green wagon. 

At the moment, that green wagon is on the Road to Copenhagen, where the world's climate community will meet in December to seek a post-Kyoto accord destined to shape outlines in international business and politics for years to come.

Whether or not anything will be agreed is anybody's guess, but it does mean all eyes are on this precious bundle of a city. 


It's worth checking out Cimber Sterling for low priced flights to and from Copenhagen, especially from other European hubs.

When you arrive in Copenhagen, those eyes will be greeted by stunning wood surroundings in a setting that feels like part sailing craft, part Wallpaper* ad. The Copenhagen airport is clean, serene, and very wooden. In short: lovely. You'll only be there for a moment, because it’s also remarkably efficient, even for a small town such as this. For the ride into town, let's do the environmental thing and take public transportation - its fast and easy to use - with trains running along two lines straight to the centre of town that cost next to nothing.

If by chance you are headed straight to the Summit to negotiate your country's cap and trade limits, by all means, take a taxi. It's being held just a short distance away from the airport, and there are good direct links between the two.

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Where to Stay

We love the Axel Hotel Guldsmeden - great value and well designed, with incredibly friendly staff. The Hotel Skt Petri is another hit, with a lovely lobby scene at night and charming little terraces on the upper floor. Its busy and chic, as well as design favourite.

Better is the Nimb - a gorgeous hotel on the edges of Tivoli, the famed gardens of Copenhagen. This place is not scando-pop, in all the ways that will make you like it. Plush, lush and a great reputation for service will have you smiling the entire stay.

If you're in a hurry and just there for the night, or with a big group of people you can't stand, (as people often are during these things), you can't really fail with the Radisson Blu. There are several dotted around town, and while neither lovely nor well located for fun, they are extremely practical and user-friendly. You might even get something printed should the business need arise.

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What to Eat

For your dining pleasure it is quite fun just to wander up Copenhagen's main walking street, Store Kongensgade - full of shops and shopping and people and people watching. Stopping along at various places for a drink and a bite, especially on the streets directly parallel, are a good bit of fun. Watch out for bikes, as they are a hazard for the people-watcher – actually they’re just an overall hazard in Copenhagen; seriously keep your eye out.

You might want to try Noma, a restaurant situated on the docks and specializing in Nordic fare. The simple dining room doesn't matter - the food here is fantastic. Then there is "Kong Hans Kaelder" an old vineyard once owned by King Hans - royally tasty. 

Another recommended spot is Godt. This cosy restaurant is run by a charming couple and features some interesting local dishes.

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Things to Do

Walk along the canals, visit the Little Mermaid Statue and tour the Amalienborg Palace, where the Danish Queen resides in the winter. It is a very pretty city to wander around and get lost in – Just go for it! You’ll most likely come across one of the beautiful gardens, so definitely take the time out to explore and relax in one of them.

As for nightclubs, the centre is small, and the music is loud. Try Bang & Jensen at the low end, NASA at the high end.

The Jane is a top cocktail bar and nightclub, which is situated in the centre of Copenhagen. Not your usual night out however, there are old bookshelves which can reveal hidden doors which have more bars behind! What more could you want?

Kongens Nytorv is the place to be for Copenhagen during COP15 – it’s the home of the Hub Culture Pavilion Copenhagen!

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