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Quantum Yoga : Birds and Heroes

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2nd Oct 2008

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Lara Baumann - Quantum Yoga
Monday, 3 September 2007

Lara Baumann has developed a quantum theory of yoga that incorporates ayurvedic elements into a practice designed to be less rigid and more personalized than many of the commonly practiced groupings, such as Bikram. Specifically, she incorporates sound and dosha techniques to try and affect the body at the quantum level during the application of yoga sequences.

Lara's first CD, BIRDS, was released in September 2005, and has generated a loyal following among yogis who have experienced her classes in Goa, Ibiza, Mykonos, London and other hubs. She is now gearing up for the release of her second work, HEROES, due this month.

Hub Culture caught up with Lara for a little Q&A on the subject of yoga and quantum sound, how she combines them and where she is heading next.

What exactly is quantum yoga and does it relate to quantum science?

Lara: Quantum Yoga is a dynamic, flowing form which guides the practitioner in acquiring the skill to construct yoga sequences ideally suited to their physical, emotional and spiritual aspirations. To that end we still have Grouping & Sequencing Laws and Assessment methods to provide guidance. Yes, it is all about AWARENESS.

The more you spread your consciousness into the deep recesses of the body, the quicker it changes. It is all about ATTITUDE. You can heal yourself by communicating with your body-mind. Empowering. Taking responsibility for your health & happiness. This is how! In BIRDS you incorporate sound and music into your sequences to strengthen the quantum affect of the practice.

How did you come to collaborate with Antonio Testa?

Lara: We met through a student of mine who is a producer called Massimo Passante. I'd always told him I wanted to find the ideal music for yoga and he said he knew this professor at the university in Milan who is also a musician and shaman who heals with sound. That is how I came to meet Antonio Testa. Tell us about your next albums?

Lara: HEROES is coming out in early September 2007 and will soon be followed by LOTUS-MANDALA which we are aiming for a Christmas release. Quantum yoga helps you create your own practice, but to help find that we partly use ayurveda to access what is right for the individual. Ayurveda incorportes belief in a tridosha system, or biological humours. These three states manifest in different ways: vasa, the air principle, relates to the central nervous system. Pitta is for fire and relates to digestion and the veinous system. Kapha - earth/water - deals with lubrication, mucous and nutrients carried into the arterial system.

All three doshas exist in varying states in our bodies and tie to various issues of health. So according to your dosha, or type, you suit the practice that is suited to you. The circumstances of your life affect your dosha as well, so that may affect what's best for you - including factors like what you are eating.

BIRDS was designed to regulate vasa, or air, and HEROES is designed to regulate pitta, or fire. HEROES is for very strong, active people - so this is a hard and challenging sequence but the energy expends evenly, so it doesn't deplete you.

We are working with three musicians for HEROES, with rock, folk and alternative backgrounds to create modern renditions of mantras.

LOTUS-MANDALA is kapha regulating and will be the most dynamic of the series. It is earth and water, so deals with kapha problems - sluggishness, weight, etc. It will be a compilation album, and contain music that is a bit like an Ibiza chill-out. It is for a charity project that will have proceeds donated to a registered charity called Usha Yoga, which brings yoga to under-privileged children, hospitals and prisons.

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What are your goals for these albums?

To make people happy, healthy and chilled out!

Thanks Lara!