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Help Burma - Here Is What to Do:

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2nd Oct 2008

Saturday, 29 September 2007

The crackdown in Burma against monks and protesters has intensified, and the situation in Burma is reaching a turning point. As the global community watches, the military has shot students, monks and journalists in a widening crackdown, raided monasteries, burnt villages, beaten citizens on the streets, and is shooting into crowds.

Some are reporting the military killed over 200 monks in a monastery massacre on Friday and new reports count the number of those killed over a thousand. The government has proven they will do ANYTHING to stay in power, and many lives hang in the balance as the situation continues to deteriorate.

Don't let them shoot monks!

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Burmese monks protesting in Yangon September 27, 2007
1. Wear RED on Monday

2. Donate to help

3. Light a candle in a window

4. Blackball Beijing

5. Spread the Word

They started it, we can help finish it.

We are all connected. It is imperative that we take action NOW to show support for the monks and citizens demonstrating for their basic human rights, even if it is by simply sending the support of our intentions - no matter how you choose to do it... sending thoughts of support, concern, or prayers do help.

Act by wearing red to work on Monday, taking part in a demonstration, or lighting a candle in their support.

Hub Culture is cooperating with Burmese activist groups to support a global day of protest on October 6, 2007. We will keep you updated on those developments. In the meantime, wear red to work on Monday if you can, and consider lighting a candle in their support over the weekend.

China holds the key to support of Burma's military junta. Blackballing the Beijing 2008 Olympics may help to focus pressure on the Chinese surrounding their actions in Burma and Darfur, and many are already calling them the "Massacre Olympics" because China refuses to condemn the junta's actions. Boycotting China in principal may also help - but may be impossible due to the interconnectedness of today's global economy.

Here is some of the latest video and links to add your support:

Global day of protest and support: Noon on Saturday, October 6, 2007.

SUPPORT Burma global hub protests

EMAIL those who prop up the regime

DONATE to help Aung San Suu Kyi