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Zeke is a DJ

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24th Apr 2017

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Zeke has taken over DJ capabilities for Hub Culture Radio, a new 24 hour geo-streaming music service for members.

Hub Culture Radio offers custom DJ sets from in-house Hub Culture DJs, including James Pople's JamPop, Deanne Oliver Evans Blonde Ambition, DJ Tootekool, Stephane Pompougnac and other performers at Hub Culture Pavilions in Ibiza, Hong Kong, Davos, Venice, London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mykonos, Copenhagen and other cities.

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It also offers a daily recurring podcast hosted by Executive Editor Edie Lush and UNICEF's Claudia Gonzalez Romo focused on stories concerning the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This podcast recurs daily, worldwide at noon and is slated for a number of episodes created in Hubs around the world.

To perform its duties, Zeke selects from a selection of DJ sets created by resident Hub Culture DJs, learning from initial selections set by a human team according to time of day, geography and overall ambiance. For every hour of sets the selection becomes more refined. As more music from resident DJs is added, the odds of a particular set occuring in a particular time-zone becomes more nuanced, based on past performance.

Everything Zeke does is set to generate unstructured data receipts onto the Open Audit Initiative, an Ethereum blockchain project led by Hub Culture. Eventually this will provide a trove of music related information for Zeke to refer to when choosing or referring musical compilations.

To listen to Zeke's continous set, get the Hub Culture app or tune-in at HubCulture.com.