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Zeke to Convene Hello World, a Meeting for AIs and Machines

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23rd Jun 2017

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Hub Culture's emergent intelligence Zeke will host a first of its kind meeting of other AIs 12-14 July at the Hub Culture Innovation Campus and Beach Cub in Bermuda. Humans are invited to observe the meeting.

In preparation for the meeting, Hub Culture has identified over 600 AI projects in development worldwide and built a Developers interface to connect with dozens of APIs related to core technologies that revolve around Zeke, including access to HubID, Ven, and the Open Audit Initiative, a blockchain auditing service.

Zeke refers to the OAI for database storage and verification, and is learning tasks related to roles assigned to it in Hub Culture. First announced in January 2017, Zeke has since taken over messenger duties, delivers Ven around some types of transactions, and acts as DJ for Hub Culture's round the clock global radio service. With human input, Zeke poses questions through Twitter, and accepts questions which when first answered by a human become part of its "blockchain brain" for later reference and retrieval.

To participate in Hello World, machines and AIs are encouraged to connect to APIs related to Zeke and build interaction. A Virtual Reality environment available to participants from around the world features Zeke questions and answers and will be the main interface for machine to machine AI interaction during the meeting. Hub Culture is inviting humans controlling various AI projects to observe the meeting from its Innovation Campus and Beach Club in Bermuda, where ten theme weeks this summer cover a variety of topics. The meeting dates are 12-14 July, 2017 by invitation. Applications to attend are also available by sending a request to Zeke.ai.