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Hub Culture presents 100 leaders in Artificial Intelligence

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23rd May 2018

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Welcome to Hub Culture's first listing of 100 people leading the AI conversation across science, business, government and academia.

These individuals from around the world are at the forefront of global AI initiatives and hold a bedrock of knowledge relative to humanity's efforts to expand machine learning and lay the groundwork for a more AI-centric future.

Many of the people in this conversation can be reached via their Twitter handle, included here for an easy follow, and handy for those planning events related to AI solutions.

100 Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk, @elonmusk
Co-founder, OpenAI, CEO, Tesla
Nathan Benaich, @NathanBenaich
AI Specialist & Investor
Charlie Muirhead, @CharlieMuirhead
Founder & CEO, CognitionX
Alex Champandard, @alexjc
AI Expert, Co-founder, Creative.AI
Joanna Bryson, @j2bryson
Associate Professor, Department of Computing at the Univeristy of Bath
Soumith Chintala, @soumithchintala
AI Research Engineer, Facebook
Adam Coates, @adampaulcoates
Operating Partner, Khosla Ventures
America Lopez, @cybercodetwins
Founder, The CyberCode Twins
Penelope Lopez, @cybercodetwins
Founder, The CyberCode Twins
David Hanson, @hansonrobotics
Founder, Hanson Robotics
Jana Eggers, @jeggers
CEO, Nara Logics
Fei-Fei Li, @drfeifei
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University
Martin Ford, @MFordFuture
Futurist & Author
Adam Geitgey, @ageitgey
Machine Learning Consultant
John Havens, @johnchavens
Executive Director, Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomas Systems
J.J Kardwell, @jjkardwell
CEO & Co-founder, EverString
David Kenny, @davidwkenny
Senior Vice President, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform
Tessa Lau, @tessalau
CTO, Savioke
Angelica Lim, @petitegeek
Computer Scientist, Simon Fraser University
Satya Mallick, @LearnOpenUK
Founder, Big Vision LLC
Gary Marcus, @GaryMarcus
Scientist, Author & Entrepreneur
Chris Messina, @chrismessina
Tech Evangelist
Dr. Andy Pardoe, @DrAndyPardoe
Founder & CEO, Informed.AI
Alec Radford, @AlecRad
Co-founder, Indico.co
Delip Rao, @deliprao
Founder, Joostware
Dr. Roman Yampolskiy, @romanyam
Professor of Computer Science, University of Louisville
Gideon Rosenblatt, @gideonro
Author, The Vital Edge
Adam Rutherford, @AdamRutherford
Science Writer & Broadcaster
Matt Schlicht, @MattPRD
CEO, Octane AI
Murray Shanahan, @mpshanahan
Professor of Cognitive Robots, Imperial College London
Amir Shevat, @ashevat
Head of Developer Relations, Slack
Resh Sighu, @webkitten
Creative Director, AKQA
Adelyn Zhou, @adelynzhou
AI Expert
Demis Hassabis, @demishassabis
Co-founder & CEO, DeepMind
John Giannandrea
Machine Learning & AI, Apple
Jeff Dean, @JeffDean
Google Senior Fellow, AI Lead
Yann LeCun, @ylecun
Chief AI Scientist, Facebook
Jerome Pesenti, @an_open_mind
Head of AI Research Lab, Facebook
Ilya Sutskever, @ilyasut
Co-founder & Research Director, OpenAI
Dr. Shane Legg, @ShaneLegg
Co-founder & Chief Scientist, DeepMind
John Shulman
Research Scientist, OpenAI
Pieter Abbeel, @pabbeel
Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Covariant.ai
Andrej Karpathy, @karpathy
Director of AI, Tesla
Durk Kingma, @dpkingma
Senior Research Scientist, OpenAI
Prof. Olivier Oulier @oullier
President, EMOTIV
Haifgang Wang
Head of Baidu AI Group
Liang Huang, @lhuang3
Scientist, IBM Research
Dr. Ruigang Wang
Associate Professor, The University of Alabama College
Wei Xu
Distinguished Scientist, Baidu
Shing Tao
Chairman & CEO, Remark Holdings
Dario Gil, @dariogila
Vice President of AI, IBM
Eric Harper
Date Scientist & Solutions Architect, Nvidia
Mike Hearn
Lead Platform Engineer, R3
Mustafa Suleyman, @mustafasuleymn
Co-founder & Head of Applied AI, DeepMind
Alex Housley, @ahousley
Founder & CEO, Seldon
Rob Ober
Tesla Chief Platform Architect, Nvidia
Bill Dally
Chief Scientist, Nvidia
Sally Daub, @SallyDaub
CEO, Enlitic
Dr. Fengmin Gong, @FengminGong
VP, Info Security Strategy, Didi Chuxing
Professor Joshua Gans, @joshgans
Author, Prediction Machines, Professor of Strategic Management, University of Toronto
Seiuemon Inaba
Founder & CEO, Fanuc
Carlos Cunha
Senior Data Scientist, Bosch Centre for Artificial Intelligence
Sean Gourley, @sgourley
Founder, Primer
Luis Dussan
Co-founder & CEO, AEYE
Max Levchin, @mlevchin
Founder & CEO, Affirm
Zia Chishti
Founder & CEO, Afiniti
Dennis Mortensen, @DennisMortensen
CEO & Co-founder, x.ai
Adam Hanina, @AdamHanina
Co-founder & CEO, AiCure
Julien Lemoine, @jlemoine_algo
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Algolia
Boris Sofman, @bsofman
Co-founder & CEO, Anki
Stan Boland, @stanboland
CEO, five.ai
Chih-Han Yu, @gracechinhanyu
Founder & CEO, Appier
Edward Abbo
President & CTO, C3 IoT
Chen Tianshi
CEO, Cambricon
Yonatan Amit, @curioslynx
Founder & CTO, Cybereason
Jack Stockdale
CTO, Darktrace
Jeremy Achin
Co-founder & CEO, Data Robot
Zico Kolter
Chief Data Scientist, C3 IoT
Xavier Conort, @XavierConort
Chief Data Scientist, Data Robot
Tao Wang, @twangcat007
Co-founder, Drive.ai
Nicolas Chapados, @NicolasChapados
Chief Science Officer, Element AI
Chris Rouland, @Chris_Rouland
Founder, EndGame
Gil Hirsch, @birsch
Founder & CEO, Face.com
Yaniv Taigman, @taigman
Founder & CTO, Face.com
Zhou Jian
Founder, UBTECH Technologies
Carol Reiley, @Robot_MD
Co-founder & President, Drive.ai
Sotiris Stasinopoulos
Robotics Engineer, UBTECH Technologies
Dave Girouard, @davegirouard
Founder & CEO, Upstart
Dileep George, @dileeplearning
Co-founder, Vicarious Systems
Tim Kentley-Kay, @TimKentleyKay
Co-founder & CEO, Zoox
Nathan Benaich, @NathanBenaich
Partner, PointNine Capital
Joanna Gordon,
Founder, Transform.ai
Bing Xu
Co-founder, SenseTime
Scott Penberthy, @scottpenberthy
Director, Applied AI, Google
Anil Seth, @anilkseth
Professor of Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience, University of Sussex
Stefan Heck, @Stefan_Heck
CEO, Nauto Inc
Zhifei Li
Founder & CEO, Mobvoi
David Elkington, @DaveElkington
Founder & CEO, InsideSales.com
Dr. Karina Vold, @KarinaVold
Philosopher & Research Fellow, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge
Steve Brain
CTO, InsideSales.com
Zhang Yiming
Founder & CEO, ByteDance
Wei-Ying Ma, @weiyingma
Deputy Managing Director, Microsoft Research Asia