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Yo! Monaco?

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2nd Oct 2008

The Luxury Marketing Council and a network of luxury brands are involved in a two day conference in Monaco coming in early November.

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The ticket to Luxury
The Marcus Evans produced Luxury Marketing Summit will (appropriately) convene at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort from November 7-9, 2006, covering topics like social networks in luxury, brand development, emerging markets, and one hopes... (potentially)... the rise of McJewelry.

Hub Culture will be presenting at the event and blogging coverage of the debates, some of which look particularly interesting.

Also participating are leaders from a few categories of global business:

Concetta Lanciaux, Group EVP at LVMH

Dr. Kristina Hammer, Director of Marketing Operations and Growth Strategy at Premiere Auto Group & Ford Europe

Chris Harris, Global Marketing Director at Vertu, Nokia's luxury division

Matthias Huettebraeuker, Director of Marketing, design hotels

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Aston Martin DBS, pure luxe
Although Aston Martin is not the official car of the Summit, it IS the official car of the South of France, so it will be interesting to see if selling the division comes up as a topic when Dr. Hammer outlines the challenges of keeping Jaguar, Aston Martin, Range Rover and Volvo clean and pristine in a world of Ford US management cuts and creeping mediocrity in the auto industry.

We noticed that Vis a Vis Magazine, the online zine spiritually based out of Miami will be there as well so that should be interesting.

We can only imagine who else made it past the velvet and crystal studded glove of the invitation police, so if you have not yet been invited check out http://www.luxurymarketing-summit.com and email them tout suite.

Hub Culture will be producing the second in our global series of Salons during the week, (on luxury!) so if you are going to be in the 'hood let us know at [email protected] (This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it)