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2nd Oct 2008

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Hub Culture's logo symbol for Ven

Ven are a new way to help you integrate and elevate with friends - the first social currency.

When we say "integrate, elevate" we mean to act on the idea that our members can all make a larger, positive difference in the world by working together and promoting progressive social action - even small actions - through enlightened collaboration. Ven help promote and reward good energy - to help take everyone up a level.

Ven are a perfect way to say thank you for a favour, intro, or good deed from your friends, and you will be able to earn, trade and spend them across networks. Eventually you will even be able to redeem Ven for cool stuff from other hub members and companies that want to add their own contributions to the project. Click here to get Ven.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the big idea behind Ven?

Ven are designed to foster positive social action by creating the first social currency. The idea revolves around positive action instead of money. Although you can "buy" ven, you can also earn by contributing something of social value - a favour, introduction, good deed that is recognized by your friends.

You can earn, trade and spend ven with your friends across networks, and they derive value from the good things we all do every day. Ven are designed to be a thank you currency to help you recognize and reward your friends for positive action.

Where did the name Ven come from?

Aside from sounding a bit like virtual yen, Ven actually has a very old meaning that comes from a positive association with sharing... like the benefits of giving. Originally a Buddhist term, Ven later came to symbolize the intersection, or common area, that disparate groups have in common.

Why did Hub Culture create Ven?

Hub Culture is a social network for the world's urban progressives that began way back in 2002. Over 10,000 members have worked with Hub over the years to push social progress through fundraisers, activities and interaction all around the world. Ven help the Hub expand that social action to embed some positivity everywhere, on a daily basis, and that helps Hub Culture fufill its mission - to INTEGRATE people and ELEVATE our collective understanding.

What's the future of Ven?

Ven is redeemable for items at our Pavilions, now opening around the world, or for services and products in our online stores. Life is about more than money, and ancient cultures were actually oriented around giving as a means of status - the more you gave, the cooler you were. Sending Ven gives you more status, and the more you receive should also show that you are doing a lot of good, cool stuff. Maybe that's not enough, but its enough for now. We'll keep you posted on the extensions.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a problem with your Ven account, please contact [email protected]. We are not tech gurus so if you experience some delay, sorry.

Please include your name, email address and a full description of your issue and we'll try to help if we can.

Use Ven to promote positive actions and the sharing of knowledge, resources, favours and little nods that we all do every day.