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Fiat 500 Makes the Rounds

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2nd Oct 2008

Article Image
Fiat's retro revival of the much adored Fiat 500
Here are some pics of the new Fiat 500, a next generation revival of the much loved classic. It features more than a mini whiff of nostalgia, and a hybrid-electric version is rumored to be in the works, allowing the cute little roadster the honor of avoiding growing urban restrictions on gasoline-only vehicles.

The 500, along with the Grande Punto, is leading an image turn-around at the troubled Italian automaker. Sure, it has Lapo Elkann written all over it and provides some much needed buzz for fusty old Fiat, but we think the real reason for its success is simple: skyrocketing fuel prices.

We say this brand has the potential for a tiny turn-around if they can build on the momentum from the Grande Punto. Add Lapo's buzz-building actions in the papers to create some family mystique around the marque and this could be the tour de force of Euro city streets by the end of the decade.

Practice now saying 'chiingkwey chentow', because you're gonna want one.

Article Image
Concept interior for a new Fiat 500
Article Image
The original and dearly beloved Fiat 500