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Welcome to Hub Westminster, a community collaboration led by the City of Westminster, The Hub, Hub Culture, the Education Foundation and other stakeholders. This super studio in the heart of London is building innovation and collaboration for the city and our network of stakeholders.

Hub Culture London Pavilion
Hub Westminster
1st floor @ New Zealand House
80 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4TQ


Tel. +44 207 148 6720

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What does the future look like for the London tech scene?

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The Tech London Advocates bought the Tech World Tour to Here East in London to discuss the current tech scene and the implications of Brexit.

MAPS: The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, the world’s largest peace park.

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MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, declares the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle an international peace park, free from exploitation of all kinds, in perpetuity. It stops all activity in the Arctic Ocean that harms melting polar ice, and ensures the regeneration of this essential ecosystem.

The Internet of Value: Blockchain and Financial Services Innovation

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A new version of the internet is emerging focused around value exchange, and its driving financial services innovation.

Anyone Up for a Lisbon Weekend?

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A quick look at an increasingly popular European weekend destination: Lisbon!