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Welcome to the Hub Culture London Suite, a membership service located in the heart of London.

Access to the London Suite is available by private appointment and online booking for Hub Culture members.

Hub Culture London Suite
3 Shepherd Street
Mayfair, W17J 7HN
United Kingdom

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Four techniques to improve your video conferencing presentation skills

Article Image

Executive Editor and Communications Trainer Edie Lush gives us some tips on how to improve our video conferencing skills...

A few tips for surviving lockdown

Article Image

We are in the midst of an incredibly challenging and uncertain time, and trying to cope with the increased measures of social distancing. Here's a few tips on how to stay sane whilst on lockdown.

Meet iamtheCODE

Article Image

This month Executive Editor Edie Lush will be travelling to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya to meet a remarkable group of young women who are part of the iamtheCODE initiative. Here's a bit about the amazing work they do...

Thinking the unthinkable. Radical solutions for climate change – we got ‘em!

Article Image

Executive Editor Edie Lush explores radical solutions for climate change AND gives us a sneak preview of the new Global GoalsCast episode...