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tomasofterra.com by Jaylee Balch

13:44 15/11/15

Carl Fitzgerald said: Honoring earth’s natural resources
Futuristic fiction thriller builds gateway between modern and fantasy worlds
BRISBANE, Australia – Throughout the years the human race has exploited the earth’s vast natural resources for its own selfish ends.
In her debut novel, author Jaylee Balch details a story of great depth that emphasizes the importance of living immersed in harmony with nature, animals and all living creatures.
The first in an intended series, “Tomas of Terra” follows a young boy who has lived in distant realms for most of his life, nurtured and raised by the creatures and trees of Terra. Tomas knows no other humans. He is an innocent who is fast approaching his coming of age and he encounters a force that seeks his mind. Thus forced to find a solution to his impending doom, Tomas begins a lonely journey. With the help of foundlings he meets along the way, he learns to tap into his abilities as a human and as a power to be reckoned with.
Tomas’s claim for the right to exist is a whisper of things to come on Earth and the thoughts that create them. This engrossing book taps into Balch’s beliefs about the spirituality of the human mind as she aspires the world to be a more caring, nurturing place.
“The book is different because it stretches the belief structure of current paradigms and issues a challenge for us to change our thinking and the impact we have in our world,” said Balch. “Through attuning with nature, we can learn to attain self-mastery and focus on an amazing future.”
Written as a futuristic tale, “Tomas of Terra” is a complex story with rich, memorable characters and an imaginative plot that can be read at many levels and will appeal to both children and adults alike.
“Tomas of Terra: Mastery of Tomas Series” By: Jaylee Balch
ISBN: 978-1-4990-0192
Softcover retail price: $32.25
Hardcover retail price: $48.38
E-book retail price: $6.99
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris online bookstores
About the author
Jaylee Balch was inspired twenty years ago to pursue a path of self-development and to discover the depth of human affairs. Having completed a double Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Communications, she challenged herself in the field of Marketing. Over the past eight years she has travelled the world lecturing and coaching individuals in stress management and personal development. Balch is an inspirational speaker with expertise that includes leadership and the transformation of individuals and teams to empowering businesses. Her motivational speaking focused on achieving excellence and helping women realize their full potential in their work and personal lives. Balch is also a Master Hypnotherapist and specializes in personal consultations through the application of her EnneaSoul Work©.


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