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Pavilion Services & Benefits

23:49 01/01/09

Stan Stalnaker said: Here are some of the benefits to using the London Pavilion. Upgrade to full membership today to receive these benefits:

Access to a network of home bases
Wifi, broadband, chargers
100MB of online collaboration
Global Communications services
Earning power for your knowledge
Curated content, art, media & cultural events
Ultimate connectivity through live experiences
Access to exclusive benefits from luxury partners
Valets for every whim, beck & call
Business services to keep you sharp
Curated organics, snacks and conveniences
Friend envy - membership is limited & by invitation
Secure data privacy

What is a Hub Pavilion?

Pavilions are member-led spaces that allow us all to work collaboratively.

Now arriving in key global cities, Hub Culture Pavilions offer intelligent services & products suited to individual needs, all powered by the inside social connections that make life great.

We use online collaboration tools & real stunning spaces to foster an environment where members can make the most of their day, wherever they are. This collaboration enhances collective understanding to fulfill our mission to help reveal, enhance & raise collective consciousness.

The result is a dynamic, responsive, global reservoir of knowledge and places to build value from sharing that knowledge.

Our knowledge + space + technology = radical value to you:

Solve pressing practical needs with our dedicated Valets: like PAs, but better

Connect with easy wifi and blistering internet, phones, & video tele-presence to over corporate headquarters in 100 countries

Meet - we know you need to impress, so we're hot, but not too cool for school: knowledge bar, lounge beds, work tables, leave-me-alone spaces & high-tech meeting rooms

Produce - printing, faxing, scanning, binding, playlists, - get it done without having to do it yourself

Groove - get private access to events, connect with others, & share the space with content, music, photos and art

Learn - share content in live formats, collaborate on a project, trade knowledge with others

Enjoy premium snacks, drinks and items from the hub culture family

Earn: pay your way with knowledge by using Ven, (our private global currency)

Best of all, one membership buys access to all Pavilions, creating a seamless network

Less commuting. Less wandering. Less carbon. More fun.

Hub Culture Pavilions are home base for the world's knowledge leaders.

Join the revolution in how we value work, who does it and from where. Hub Culture Pavilions are the antidote to the office & an escape from isolated home-work.

All members receive a Hub Culture Ven currency account to enable transactions. This facility helps members to go about the Pavilions and their products and services using a debit account - you never need cash or cards. Outstanding values on accounts are collected in real time by topping up the member’s Ven account from bank details provided via the Hub Culture Direct Debit agreement. See our Terms & Conditions to make sure you're cool with that.

Pavilions give you the power to transform relations with your customers through collaborative innovation. Knowledge and connectivity is our business. Around the world or around the corner, what you can achieve is determined by what you know & the ease at which you can get it done.

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1. Jul 27th, 2009

Irene Rukerebuka If I update to a full monthly-which I will anyhow but can you host/hire a workspace OR invite friends for a small meeting??

2. Jul 27th, 2009

Irene Rukerebuka Oops, answered my question! Had a look!