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Polarity Therapy / Reflexology / Thai Massage

16:37 20/03/09

Selina Vaccarino said: Just had a fantastic session with Tim Tse!!!

This was the first time i have ever tried this and must admit, being a massage junkie, was a bit skeptical BUT I have been pleasantly surprised.
Extremely relaxing, and refreshing ... am feeling slighty spacey but light as a feather!!! Tensions and stresses have literally flown away!
Thanks Tim!

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1. Mar 20th, 2009

Robert Sykes I just had a 1.5 hour session! head/neck/shoulder massage plus core balancing plus reflexology plus polarity tune up.... Awesome!!! I feel great. Tim is a nice guy and he knows what he's doing. Cheers Tim!

2. Mar 21st, 2009

Matthew Sherratt my brother is a massage therapist. he's really really a lovely guy (gay actually if that bothers you either way) professional sports, massage therapy plus the swedish massage - the perfect way to relax...