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New to London

23:56 25/05/09

Ryan Johnson said: Greetings Hub-Pals!

I will be in London from June7-14, let me know if you have any suggestions on places to see people to meet! I will be visiting London more and more frequently over the next year as I am working on a large scale interactive project!

Thanks for your suggestions!


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1. May 30th, 2009

Vijay Patel Hey Ryan,

I was going to suggest the Bartlett Summer Show [ ], alas it doesn't open until the 26th....

If you're into interactive design, I have a feeling you'd love the work of this unit...

Also a good time of the year to check out a lot of the other end-of-year design shows in town.
Royal College of Art pretty much always delivers good stuff, though again the best won't be on show till the end of June...

Anyways, hope this helps!


2. Jun 3rd, 2009

Lee [inactive] Lots of places listed on DigiLondon -

Are you looking for anything in particular?

3. Jun 7th, 2009

Ryan Johnson oh very cool - thanks for all the links!

are you guys london locals? i will def stop by the pavilion while i am there. stan has been telling me all about it! looks killer!


4. Jun 23rd, 2009

Gill Wildman Ryan
you might also like to try Dopplr, the webservice for travellers with lots of reccomendations by locals and visitors:

Some friends made it, and it's wonderful


5. Feb 10th, 2010

Aaron Kahlow Coming to London this weekend and thru next week for our conference the Online Marketing Summit... happy to have a few of you there as guest