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Introductions - Where?

10:56 03/06/09

Lee [inactive] said: Hi,

I've just joined but can't find where to post any "Hi this is me and this is what I do" info.
I know I can post tons of info in my profile but a formal "Come and say Hi" thread is more accessible.

BTW - I run Point and Stare - a web design and development company based in Islington - 14 years experience ... worked with some huge clients, Microsoft, Apple, Canon, BBC as well as smaller, family run businesses/ start-ups/ SMEs ... just released Space Spare - - An online property marketplace.



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1. Jun 3rd, 2009

Michelle Vanparys Dear Lee, Welcome!

Sign in, click your name at the top right of the screen. This takes you to your profile. Edit away.

2. Jun 3rd, 2009

Michelle Vanparys Alternatively click Account top right also

3. Jun 3rd, 2009

Lee [inactive] Understood but, as I said, there's no un/official thread.
No biggie, just thought it would be good for introductions.

4. Jun 3rd, 2009

Michelle Vanparys Lee,

Members trawl the "Groups" for interesting ones to join or just read through for content posted by other members. Sounds like you may want to start one for yourself. You can choose to make it private or public, start threads,discussions, wikis, publish news or blogs, create projects to collaborate on, upload stuff ... People will definitely come and say Hi!