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15:30 04/08/09

Lee [inactive] said: I've been in this industry for nearly 14 years and it's always not what you know but who you know.
I'm interested to hear how people get their messages across.

Personally I believe in getting myself out there to as many networking events as possible, but you do need to be selective.

One group that I recommend is 4Networking - - a new, fresh approach to networking totally the opposite of institutions like BNI etc

In London there are a few groups set up and I'd be interested to know 1, If anyone is interested in attending any 4Networking group as a visitor and 2, What other networking groups do you attend?

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1. Aug 5th, 2009

Selina Vaccarino Hi Lee,

The Hub Culture team, agree 100% - it is all about the networking!!
We are on hand to facilitate such networking events and are working on a few at present, that we will be inviting members to attend over the next few months.

To ensure Hub Culture members are benefiting from our extended network, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with our members, your thoughts and requirements!

Please feel free to contact me!

Selina Vaccarino [ Events / Manager ]
(Hub Culture Pavilion London)
Email: [email protected]
Mob: +447961862074

2. Aug 5th, 2009

Taz Kha'lique Hi people,

I totally with the above here's a good network group with major blue-chip to multi-national companies who participate. However its for women only

My wife has attend several of their events, with people from Microsoft to Disney attending.

Guess this is one for the girls.

3. Sep 23rd, 2009

Lee [inactive] I'm opening a new breakfast meeting soon in the Kings Cross area. I'll post details when they are confirmed.

Taz - how can the meetings only be for women? Surely that's discriminatory?

4. Sep 25th, 2009

Taz Kha'lique Lee,

I know but thats the way that network group operates. I just thought I share the link ;) as my wife attends to it.

5. Oct 22nd, 2009

Richard Marks As they say, it's "what you know about who you know ..."
- Richard

6. Oct 24th, 2009

Anais Hayes Great thread, Lee -

How's your breakfast coming along?
Have you decided dates yet? I'd be very interested in attending the next one...
Taz, that group looks very interesting, but they're in the states...d'you know if they put events on in London?
Wouldn't mind putting one together myself at some point!

7. Feb 10th, 2010

Aaron Kahlow Told Stan we could get a few free passes to Hubculture folks to our event on Monday the 15th for either the entire day or the Cocktail hour... for the ONLINE MARKETING SUMMIT...