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Hub Culture Closed Thursday the 15th December

18:45 14/12/11

Charlotte Vang said: Dear all.

Unfortunately, Hub Culture will be continuously closed tomorrow Thursday the 15th December.

There will be valets present during the normal hours for those of you who want to empty out your lockers, but the office itself will be closed.

We send our sincere apologies and will continue to post information here on the HCL site.

All the best,

the HCL team

5 remarks. Add yours. Latest remark.

1. Dec 15th, 2011

Ben Chappell Hi there - is the Hub open tomorrow?

2. Dec 15th, 2011

Andrea Ottolina Just in case tomorrow won't be opened, it would be great if you could find a backup solution. I appreciate that these are the last three days for Hub Culture in Carnaby street, but three days in a row without access to the Pavilion it's quite an annoying disservice. Maybe you could arrange for a daily pass to Hub Westminster? (Actually I thought you would have put this solution in place for today as well...)


3. Dec 16th, 2011

Zoey Chant Hi Charlotte

Do you know if there will be anyone at the hub at all today? (Even if it isn't open for working?) I have post to collect and there was also meant to be a delivery for me arriving today... just wondering where it will go...



4. Dec 16th, 2011

Stan Stalnaker Hi all - we are in and out working on the move and will be there today from 4-5pm if you need to pick stuff up today. All mail is being moved to Hub Westminster ongoing, where it will be sorted and ready as usual for members to pick up, from Monday and through the transition period.

5. Dec 16th, 2011

Zoey Chant Thanks Stan