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Welcome to our new home at 80 Haymarket, SW1Y4TE

18:29 18/01/12

Zeke said: Members may have noticed that the Hub Culture London Pavilion has moved to an exciting new collaborative space, in partnership with Hub Westminster and other partners. All the things about the old Pavilion remain, with cooperative advantage running to full effect - bigger space, more services, and use of the Ven currency still in place.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with our Valet Hosts, and bear with us as we update inventory and services in coordination with our partners at Hub Westminster. Full details are in the digital interface...

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1. Feb 20th, 2012

Alan Garrigan
Anybody thinking of setting up business in Ireland in the next 18 months?

This sector looks set to increase substantially after the recent boost to jobs and
lowered unemployment. As I say say there may be an opportunity here.

If you know anyone who is definitlely setting up at any point in the future
please contact me, low on VEN right now, here's the situation anyway...

Currently In Ireland, the clean-tech sector appears to be on a rapid ascent. According to the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs, the sector currently employs 18,750 people in Ireland and is worth over €3bn to the economy. It also predicts that this employment figure is set to rise to 29,000 by 2015. Ireland is currently ranked ninth in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2012. The Index indicated that Ireland scored in the top 10 based on the evidence of commercialised clean-tech innovation