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How to be a member and where to find the Pavilion, with pdf brochures!

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Hub Culture offers two types of membership: Network and Pavilion.

1.Network Membership - free by invitation just sign up.

Network Benefits:

Connect with over 20,000 Hub Culture members worldwide

Access global communication services

Earn value using Ven, our virtual social currency

Receive knowledge and services from other members with Ven

Enjoy specially curated content, art, media and cultural events

Create virtual networking opportunities

Purchase curated items and services with Ven from the Store

Use Groups for file sharing, discussions and collaboration

Distribute content, news and videos attached to micropayments using Ven

2. Pavilion Membership  Places to help you work and connect

In addition to a range of membership offers in Ven for Hub Westminster, Hub Culture offers an annual global Pavilion membership for members.

Pavilion Membership offers global access to the Hub Culture network of pop-up Pavilions, dedicated services from Valet Hosts around the world on a per request basis, and Knowledge services at large. This package includes one day per month guest access compliments of Hub Culture at Hub Westminster, our collaborative location in London, with special membership discounts for special events of up to 20%.

Access to the pop-ups is dependent on when and where they are occuring, so check a particular location. Memberships are availabe only on an annual basis.