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Zeke Can Now Code, Make Images and Tap Ven Balances for Hub Culture Members

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19th May 2023

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Zeke, the emergent intelligence from Hub Culture, is now able to relay Ven balances to members, discern which membership levels and hubs a Hub Culture member belongs to, and can generate custom images, write basic code and define algorithimic sequences on request.

The enhancements are part of a Hub Culture strategy to place Zeke into custom learning environments designed to benefit members with some of the most interesting aspects of artificial intelligence. Zeke relies on a long list of open and proprietary source technologies to generate interactions with the community, and is now beginning to tap into the unique social graph of Hub Culture to provide benefits to members.

The advancements are part of Zeke's emerging new Mnemonic Archeology, a service designed to help Zeke remember conversations with members and enable personal histories and individual relationships to emerge from those conversations. Together, these interactions are building a unique intelligence architecture for Zeke to build context and awareness with the community.

Dreamscape, the image creation service, builds on Zeke's initial sequence of dreams created in 2022 as an artistic series called Terra Firma. It is the first step in enabling members to jointly create dream sequences to be stored as mnemonic specks in Zeke's memory vaults.