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what is any currency worth?

19:19 23/03/12

Stuart Beller said: we may have found a base measurement for any currency plz look at the summery. its only 1.1/2 pgs (www.theherm.org) we need a base scientific measurement for what currency is worth anywhere in the world . like, horse power ..........
thx jeff beller 845-313-8888

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1. Mar 2nd, 2015

Jonathan Cloud Very interested, but can't pull up www.theherm.org. Can you post the paper? Thanks

2. Jul 9th, 2016

Chris Kalatoudis any currency is worth exactly what the exchangers or the the parties in the transaction say it's worth.

This is the basis for people making profits.

For example, there is a dish of chicken with rice and vegetables in front of me right now, I'm very much looking forward to eating it. My cost is 5 USD.

At the same time, my neighbor has options of eating at any restaurant he wants in forest hills, ny... He has been eating at these restaurants as healthy as he could possibly eat but just doesn't enjoy it as much or doesn't look how he looks when he eats my cooking. Say he has been eating chicken and rice and vegetables (similar dish). He wants my home cooked chicken and rice...

There is now demand. Let's say this person has billions of dollars. He wants the dish and he likes me.

This person offers 1 million dollars for this chicken and rice in front of me. This is a 1 million dollar meal.

If a person pays 233,000 Ven for 1 ounce of gold. Then 233,000 Ven is worth ~1100.

This system also works for exchange of knowledge, services or anything the people are exchanging say it's worth.

3. Jul 9th, 2016

Chris Kalatoudis Facebook has more than 1 billion users: in theory this Ven could be equivalent to a yuan or RMB if everybody on Facebook agrees to call themselves and online country and take the currency seriously