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Casa Paterna, on the Tuscan Umbrian border, is our private home, opened to
you to unwind, relax and recharge as you share in Italian life. Join us for
cinghiale pasta at a local sagra, or a concert during Trasimeno Blues or Umbrian
Jazz weeks.
Meander neighboring hilltop towns, assist in the olive harvest, or
partake in a day of wine tasting (usually followed by a slow day in the thermal
hot springs!) Enjoy sunset while climbing the Castigliione del Lago
fortress,or, proseco in hand, on your quiet balcony. Go back in time on the islands
of Lago Trasimeno, spend a day at the Arezzo antique market, or day-tripping to
Florence or Rome.
Whether your idea of paradise is whiling away the hours on a
portico daybed, book in one hand, local red in the other, or exploring the
wonders of Italy's most famous towns - Assisi, Siena, Montepulciano,
Cortona, Chiusi, Perugia, Montacino, & Montefalco -we will design an escape to suit
your whims and ensure that your experience of Italy is as unique as you are.
Opening times:
  • Mon: All day
  • Tue: All day
  • Wed: All day
  • Thu: All day
  • Fri: All day
  • Sat: All day
  • Sun: All day

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