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Advanced Blockchain Continuing Education Workshop (1-10 participants) 25,334.14 Ven

This item is in stock and available in Bermuda.

What does this mean?

Penrose Partners is a blockchain-centric consulting firm specializing in enterprise education and emerging technology adoption. The team at Penrose Partners has extensive expertise within the blockchain industry, collaborating with cutting-edge startups, innovative enterprises, and forward-thinking investors to drive widespread blockchain adoption.


Founding Partners Oren Bouzaglo and Kerem Kolcuoglu will be in Bermuda from November 18th to 22nd to deliver educational workshops for professional services firms - please enquire for available timeslots during this week. 


The course information is below (each session is 2hrs):



Course 1: Deep Dive on What is Blockchain Technology & The Digital Assets Industry  

- Consensus Mechanisms and Mining Requirements 

- Exchanges & On/Off Ramps

- Digital Asset Issuance

- Enterprise Use Cases


Course 2: Legal Issues, Problems & Concerns in the Digital Asset Industry  

- KYC/AML Processes in the Digital Asset Industry 

- Service Providers catering to the Digital Asset Industry

- Industry Shortfalls & Security Risks

- Actionable Solutions & Strategies on Protecting Clients

- Privacy in an Open & Decentralized Financial System  


Course 3: Whitepaper Workshop 

- Industry insights on whitepaper drafting & review process  

- Deep dive on whitepaper Considerations, Construction & Tokeneconomics  

- Discussion on establishing a clear whitepaper framework 

- Vetting Process for the Digital Asset Business Act application process  


This price is for 1-10 participants.