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Honey, Buy a Bee 10.00 Ven

This item is in stock and available in Scottsdale.

What does this mean?

Honeybee stocks around the world are in serious decline, putting food production, pollination and other natural factors in danger.  This donation programme allows Hub Culture to support the protection of honeybees by donating towards the purchase and rollout of beehives in the developing world.

Benefits include increased crop yields in rural areas, providing a strong community benefit, and localized distribution of bees to improve biodiversity, resilience and bee survival rates.

One hive holds up to 12,000 honeybees, making the price per bee very low!

Bee purchases with Ven are aggregated, then fulfilled through Heifer International, a charity that provides animals and bees to low-income villages around the world. Find out more about bees, and where this donation goes.