Sensual Supreme Giftbox by Cocorau 597.90 Ven

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What does this mean?

Konstanze Zeller is delighted to include this potent powder in her immortal elixir line. Including in the beautiful gift box is a bamboo whisk. It makes this a very personal present for a very special occasion.

This delicious combination of Aphrodisiac Adaptogenic herbs Epimedium, Cistanche and romantic spices of cardamom and vanilla combined give sensual supreme it’s name. Enjoy the enhancing benefits of this passionate potion. 

Ingredients: Cistanche^, Reishi*, Raw organic Cacao*, Epimedium^, Red Beet Powder*, Monk Sugar*, Polygala^,

Maca^, Shizandra*, Cardamon* (*organic) (^wild sourced)

Suggested Use: Mix 1 tsp. into 5oz. of any liquid of your choice; preferably vegan milk. Don’t be afraid to double dose.