Superlative Beauty Gift Box by Cocorau 576.55 Ven

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What does this mean?

The Ultimate Beauty Present!

One Superlative Beauty Powder in combination with a bamboo whisk. Packed in a clear gift box with a golden rim makes this box a perfect present for all beauty lovers. 

The founder of CocoRau make up artist Konstanze Zeller now creates a powder that brings forth beauty from within. Carefully selected from ancient treasure of nature, Superlative Beauty gets its name from the most important ingredient “PEARL”, used by women of renowned beauty thru out the world. 

The magical mix of Asian mushrooms Tremella and Chaga contribute to cellular renewal and longevity. This makes for one of Konstanze’s personal beauty secrets. Her gift to you.

Ingredients: Goji*, Shizandra*, Pearl*, Tocos*, Luo-HanGuo*, Maca*, Coconut*, Chaga^, Tremella^, Mucana Puriens^, Ginger*, Cardamon* (wild sourced^), (organic*)

Suggested use: Mix minimum 1 tsp in 5oz. liquid of your choice. Preferable in nut milk or sprinkle it on top of your oatmeal. Don’t be afraid to double dose.