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Membership: Hub Los Angeles Strategic Partnership 253,231.00 Ven

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What does this mean?

A Strategic Partnership at the Hub Culture Los Angeles Pavilion for Get Global


Opportunity to host meetings and moments according to a mutually agreed schedule of availability.

Other benefits include the following and are not affected by waiver of usage: 


Panel Moderator for One City Program

Media filming and Green Room access

Product Placement at the Pavilion

Dedicated television channel/street facing

Corporate membership for up to 8 executives

Priority Access to meeting area, lounge working area, reception services

Invitations to opening and closing cocktail party events

Opportunity to host own cocktail parties at the Pavilion – on booking availability basis, first come/serve

Access to car-driver, valet services, printing/faxing/scanning, video conferencing

Opportunity to host one press conference event at the Pavilion

Access to planned times for open meeting space, wifi, tea and coffee

Onsite banners and video projections featuring brand logos and media


Logo inclusion on Social Media Center videos produced at Get Global

Dedicated project folder in Los Angeles Get Global online group

Links, file sharing, wiki, and news facilities in dedicated online group

Contact access to Pavilion group for discussion and interaction with members/VIPs

Inclusion and Opportunity to cite in all PR and press materials

One time outreach opportunity to membership base with front page news story

2 video/interview shorts produced at the Pavilion for viral/social media distribution (3 mins each)

Online Retail Sales opportunity in Virtual Store with curated products available for sale

Benefit from the development of  hubs on to manage membership arrivals and known users. 

External signage, catering and drink costs (beyond coffee/tea/juices included on offer, with some snacks) at individual discretion.