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Carbon Offsets 25,000t: Nike Mata no Peito 1,013,339.06 Ven

This item is in stock and available in Palo Alto.

What does this mean?

25,000 tons C02e - offset sale for Brazilian reforestation

Nike Mata no Peito is the company's long-term commitment to work with local organizations and communities to protect and replant forests throughout Brazil. Through the sale and retirement of carbon offsets to corporations and individuals seeking to reduce their carbon footprints, Nike will generate funds which it will fully donate as seed investments to innovative forestry projects in Brazil. Eligible projects are those that reforest degraded lands and reduce deforestation by providing alternative incomes and demonstrating sustainable land use practices.  These projects will generate ACR-certified forest carbon offsets, which will be sold by the project to provide ongoing funding and ensure sustainability. Take the challenge, become a partner and score a goal for the environment. 

About the Nike carbon offsets: In 2006 Nike completed a decade-long voluntary GHG emission reduction project to replace the gas in the air bags in their athletic shoes, which were originally filled with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), a greenhouse gas 22,200 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. The project reduced millions of tons of CO2  equivalent, producing carbon offsets (Voluntary Emissions Reductions or VERs) which are registered on Winrock Internationals nonprofit American Carbon Registry (ACR).