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Property: 12th Century Italian Castle 439,342,569.10 Ven

This item is in stock and available in Tuscany.

What does this mean?
This truly magnificent property is considered to be one of the best kept and renovated Castles in Central Europe. This property sits on top of a 7.5 hectare (18.5 acre) land and is surrounded by the majestic Alps.
The Castle has been owned since the 12th century by an illustrious and distinguished family, maintaining its original character. The Castle’s interiors (3,300 sq.mt/ 35,520 sq.ft) boast a rare collection of important objects, such as: 16 original Baroque and Rococo tile stoves (perfectly functioning), valuable antique paintings and various other masterpieces. One of its two chapels has been recently awarded a prize for the best renovation of frescoes in a privately owned Chapel. The Castle’s entire technical equipment (heating, wiring, electrical and water system) has been recently modernized and is in perfect working conditions; this property is ready-to-move in. 
This is a one of a kind masterpiece, with a full array of extras, including 2 hectares of forest, artworks and state of the art technology and equipment.