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Ven Longevity Deal Fund 506,670.12 Ven

This item is in stock and available in Venice.

What does this mean?
This is a contribution to a new type of crowd-sourced deal finance, by creating social tools to raise Ven capital to deploy toward projects. The search for new life enhancement and longevity breakthroughs is a key component of the global health field, ranging from HGH, enzyme and supplement work to nanotechnological advances and singularity planning.
A key trend in this sector is the merger between human robotics and enhancements in biological states to lengthen life or improve human performance capabilities indefinitely.
Benefiting organizations will include those at the forefront of life extension, biodynamics, longevity, bio-additive regeneration and nano-engineering as determined on a grant or VC basis by a panel of selected experts.
Buying this deal module allows investors and facilitators access to IP related to specific projects arising from the deal in a group oriented format.