Venice - Of Horn and Feather, 28 February - 1 March, 2014

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Welcome to Hub Culture in Venice, where we are collecting resources and people to help drive the Ven economy forward. Invite friends, and get in touch to suggest products and services related to Ven that can be created in conjunction with the community.

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The Best Ball of Venice Carnival 2014 - Hub Culture Presents: Of Horn and Feather

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Join guests and members of Hub Culture from around the world for a weekend of activities in Venice for Carnivale 2014, highlighted by Of Horn and Feather, a ball to benefit to raise funds to protect African wildlife and prevent poaching.

Of Horn and Feather - Generator and Kitsune PreParty with Hub Culture - February 28, 2014 - 0.04 Ven

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Generator officially launches its latest party weekend – Venice Carnivale: Generator x Kitsune x Hub Culture – Of Horn & Feather. A VIP Carnival Party on Friday, Feb 28th has been curated for the friends of Hub and the attendees of the Horn & Feather Black Tie event the following evening, on March 1, 2013 at a private palazzo along the Grand Canal.

Baroque, Renaissance, Masquerade COSTUMES Galore: Your curated list of Boutiques & MASK makers is HERE

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At Carnevale in Venice, Period Glamour is seriously on, and we've found the most fabulous costume & mask boutiques Venice and home have to offer.

You will need a sultry mask to finish off your Madame Pompadour tease, a few feathers or a veil should please? A distinguished wig with a bow for Casanova or Romeo? The monkey, the court jester, Michaelangelo & his Doge... click through and step into to your curated masquerade boutique and boudoir.

Tips are plenty too!

HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR PALAZZO? Of Horn and Feather - Venice - February 28 is fast approaching!

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Where to Stay - Venice Accommodation: Hotels & Palazzos

February 28 kickes off our great weekend with all the Carnevale activities Hub Culture has in store in Venice, you must find somewhere to rest your head once the ball ends, Cinderella!

First, we've partnered with Generator for the weekend, offering cool and fiscally responsible accomodation choices in a stunning new location.

Venice has an abundant choice of hotels, discreet apartments and family palazzos to chose from. Some even let yo use your air-miles, as well as live large in the 'Grand Dames' reminiscent of Venice's golden age.

BOOK NOW for the best deals, views and locations. Our list is only a fraction of what is available, but we've curated the best of the best to save you the fuss ... with links, photos and reviews!   

                     > If you're really in a twist, try here.