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How do I register for the program? Anna Hall 1 6th May 2009

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Inner Engineering Programme in Hub Culture: 13 to 20 May 2009

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A powerful antidote to stress, this scientifically structured programme distils ancient methods from the yogic science for one to attain to a natural state of joy and unwavering calm, clarity & vibrancy. Offered as a 7-day programme, 3 hours a day.

Stock Market Ups And Downs Don't Cause Human Suffering

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A regular panellist at the World Economic Forum for last three years, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev conducts a meditation programs around the world intended to heighten self-awareness through Isha Yoga. The Spiritual Guru talks on the cure to insecurity prevailing due to economic slowdown, layoffs, terrorism amongst professionals all over the world.

Thinking Out of The Box

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"The current crisis is an opportunity for re-evaluating and redefining economic growth according to more inclusive and ecological parameters which will expand human wellbeing to a wider base of people. If the economy is founded on a wider base, the whole structure is bound to have a more solid footing...