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CSR API Video Leonardo Dario Perna 3 16th November 2009
Feedback Sebastiano Scròfina 4 16th November 2009
CSR API Executive Summary Leonardo Dario Perna 1 16th November 2009
Twitter Sebastiano Scròfina 1 14th November 2009

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Carbon Social Ranking APIs

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The idea: VEN becomes world's first "carbonized currency", and thanks to its Open APIs ("currency portability") its members can exchange VENs in any platform they're already using, such as:
- social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter...)
- mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry...)
- web 2.0 platforms (e.g. web communities, forums ...)
- Creative Commons (micropayments for p2p music, videos, art ...)