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Hub Culture Hides over $15,000 at Frieze Art Fair, Dares You To Find It featured - 17th October 2013

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Hub Culture has unveiled its first digital currency treasure hunt, with over $15,000 in digital cash and prizes hidden at London's Frieze Art Fair. Five numbered cards are hidden at the fair with a set of corresponding public clues. To claim the prize, the finder must simply tweet the hashtag on the card.

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Hello meaningful, artistic theatre featured - 15th February 2012

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Every so often things fly together in a delicate mix of elements to create something wonderful. Such is the case with new hot thing A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and a Prayer, a collection of one night performances led by a growing cast of prominent female talent from around the world. MMPR hits London on 26 March 2012, produced by the new production company Restless Buddha, led by Michelle Yue and Lauren Prakke.

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