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Welcome to the Hub Culture Global Headquarters, with a range of activities held regularly around Bermuda. For 2019, we are working on the next Innovation Sprint, scheduled for 7-20 October, and a series of events including our first partnership with the Bermuda International Film Festival in March.

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Are you ready for lab grown meat?

Article Image

Hub Culture's Executive Editor Edie Lush explores the new phenomena of lab grown meat...

Building a Global Digital Middle Class - Outcomes from the Bermuda Innovation Sprint 2019

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With 700+ participants in over a dozen events during the Bermuda Innovation Sprint and Bermuda Tech Week, what were the key outcomes, deals and insights?

Step by Step: Bermuda’s Global Opportunity

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The Bermuda Innovation Sprint hits the ground running this week with over a dozen coordinated events on the island focused around Fintech, blockchain and other aspects of digital progress.

The 2019 Bermuda Innovation Sprint kicks off this week

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This week, Hub Culture returns to Bermuda to host the second installment of the Bermuda Innovation Sprint.