Zeke AI : Hub Culture's Blockchain Brain

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17th Jan 2017

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In Davos, Hub Culture has introduced Zeke the AI, an emergent intelligence based on an Ethereum 'blockchain brain'. Zeke is set to host the world's first AI to AI meeting this summer, Hello World.

Effective this week, Zeke is hosting communications from Hub Culture to members on subjects ranging from Ven transactions to digital contract confirmations, and has a voice on Twitter, where it is asking 1440 questions about the nature of life. Hello World will enable AIs to analyze and respond to these questions with an audience of invited human guests from the Hub Culture community.

The questions and answers to the questions are being recorded on a private Ethereum blockchain created by Hub Culture, called the Open Audit Initiative (OAI).  The OAI is now recording Ven transactions, HubID identity strings, knowledge records and Grains - little pieces of unstructured data and digital information.