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Situated at across Davos, the Summer Campus comprises several locations designed for Hub Culture members and partners to meet and connect.

The Campus is anchored by the Pavilion at Promenade 93, featuring the ICEHouse, a space focused on Innovation for the Circular Economy and the Social Media Studio. It is presented with SABIC, McDonough Innovation, Adecco, Mastercard, Jewel Bank, Unity and Imperial College Business School.

For 2022, the TechLodge is presented with Polygon, a blockchain technology company, in partnership with the Città di Lugano, Tether, Ankr and Mirage. The Terrace is exclusively presented by Dell Technologies. The Chalet features private meeting space alongside the Ven.ue, a magical outdoor garden. provides Strategic Partnership support, and Edelman is a supporting partner.

To access these locations, please join the Davos Hub community, and check activities via the Hub Culture app.

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