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This digital interface for the Hong Kong Hub community is designed to foster discussion and collaboration while we work on building an ongoing Hub in Hong Kong.

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This is your virtual collaboration hub where there's so much to do! Join the discussions or start a new one!. View and create events. Kick start projects with fellow hub members. Propose and upvote governance structures. Catch up on latest news and post new articles.


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Propel Governance 🗳️   Add ESG BUDGETS  

Principle - All farmers receive a fair price at market for their goods.

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Modern Family - Hong Kong Edition

Article Image

Alternative families are taking root around the world, with new pathways to surrogacy, adoption, fertility and family planning growing alongside changes in legal standing for marriage. In Hong Kong, the law has yet to adapt to these new realities, but there are routes available for those interested.

Dawn of the Yoga Noodle at Noodle Mi

Article Image

Noodles need a kick, and Duyen Hackett's Noodle Mi is just the type to deliver it.